Services for forest and woodlot owners

Forest Inventories

Usually done in a sample plot inventory. The result includes information like the forest’s species composition, its structure and the volume. You will have all the information to make sustainable decisions about the forest management and you will know more about your forest’s ecology.

Forest Management Plans

Usually a 10 year planning tool for any forestry activity e.g. regeneration, tending and thinning, timber harvest. The planning is based on inventory data of the forest.

Tree Marking

Can be done in a ‘positive’ and ‘negative selection’, or most often combined. Which trees are to be supported, which are to be removed? The aim is to raise a stands quality. We have the experience and the eye to take on that responsibility.

Future Tree Selection

Even in a forest one can (or should) focus on a few trees. To select and support the best trees is the most efficient way to raise the quality of the entire stand. This secures profits while sustainability and ecological aspects guide the process. Pruning these ‘future trees’ might be reasonable if the aim is to grow high value timber.


Agro-Foresty plots, for example with a focus on producing high quality timber can be highly profitable units, while creating a far range of ecological possibilities and attractive landscape features. Pruning is a key element to produce high quality timber.

You are thinking out of the box? Contact us. We consult, install and maintain different land use options.

Forest Walks

Informational and educational walks for forest and woodlot owners and their families.

Forest Certification

Christoph has successfully completed the FSC Forest Management and Chain of Custody Lead Auditor course (run by NEPCon).