Tree Care

Services for residential and commercial clients

As with humans, every tree has its individual characteristics. These are to be considered especially when working in an urban environment. The tree has to meet all kinds of demands within very limited space.  We are here to help with any tree-related issue. 


Pruning is a matter of skill and experience. We pay detailed attention to the species characteristics and the shape of the specific tree, its habitus. This is elementary to the tree’s aesthetics and its development in the future. Thinning and pruning a tree forms its growth and more light will come into your garden. A well pruned tree works best for all sides. A poorly pruned tree will likely cost you more money and “cause trouble” in the future.


Starting point of each felling is a site visit where we choose the appropriate removal method. Most of the time the tree removal will happen using climbing and ‘rigging’ (bringing pieces of the canopy safely to the ground using rope systems) techniques. In some cases another accessing method, like a man lift or a crane, is needed.

Site access and disposal of the brush and wood is a big part of the planning process.

We have the experience to deal with the logistics involved, to assess the tree’s risk, to access the tree safely and always use safe working methods.

TREEangle is fully insured in case any damage occurs.

Cabling & Bracing

We use static and dynamic systems to secure parts of the canopy at risk of failing. Thorough consideration of the tree’s reaction, eventual additional pruning and a maintenance plan form the base for a professional instalment.


In an urban environment growth sites are often limited. Sometimes the growth site has to be improved. We consult to find the right tree for the right place.

We select the highest quality stock.

We take utmost care in the planting process so the tree can grow old and and bring joy to its owner.

Tree Protection Hoarding

Professionally installed tree protection is crucial to receive building permits and to not violate the city’s tree by law. Trees over a certain size growing close to construction are protected within a ‘Tree Protection Zone' (TPZ). The TPZ, a certain radius around the stem, has to be left undisturbed during construction. Most of the time physical protection hoarding is required. We know the city’s tree protection standards and build hoarding fences accordingly.